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Fourth Laing O'Rourke Centre Distinguished Lecture

last modified Nov 20, 2015 10:28 AM

Civil engineering students, academics and researchers attended the Fourth Laing O’Rourke Centre Distinguished Lecture on Thursday 12th November at the Engineering Department, alongside prominent construction industry figures. 

Dr Bernard Charlès gave a presentation entitled Experience Thinking: the Digital Revolution in the Experience Economy. Focusing on how 3D technology can revolutionise manufacturing in different industries, it also showed how innovative processes can foster the development of smarter, sustainable urban planning solutions. A video of the presentation will be soon available here, alongside previous Distinguished Lectures.

Lecture abstract

The sense and meaning of innovation have changed. Today, the way we experience a product has more value than the product itself. Experience represents a holistic transformation. It penetrates how we innovate, how we produce, distribute and trade, how we communicate with each other, how we learn, and how we work. In this Experience Economy, product breakthrough won’t make the difference. The focus has shifted into creating holistic experiences, which is the sustainable innovation model. This requires a new generation of business platform and the power of virtual worlds that are the most powerful vehicle for testing concepts and creating the future. The revolution in 3D technology has now expanded across the entire spectrum of economy and society – not only to construct aero planes and automobiles but also model the earth and materials, and simulate human molecules and urban life scenarios. This is a journey of transformation and a major project for our society, bringing harmony between products, nature and life.


About our speaker

Dr Bernard Charlès has been working as the CEO of Dassault Systèmes since 1995. He started his career in the company in 1983 to develop new design technologies. In 1986, he founded a dedicated New Technologies, Research and Strategy department, and in 1988 was appointed President of Strategy, Research and Development. Dr Charlès has helped instill a culture of ongoing innovation to further consolidate Dassault Systèmes’ scientific capabilities and make science part of the company’s DNA. The inspiration behind digital mock-up, product lifecycle management and 3DEXPERIENCE®, he firmly believes that 3D technology is about making possible the impossible: 3D universes are the most powerful vehicle for testing concepts and creating the future, bringing dream and reality together, and stretching the limits of science and imagination to drive progress in society.

Dr Charlès has positioned Dassault Systèmes as the preferred partner for innovation, empowering businesses with sustainable step-changes in competitive performance. The company, established in 1981 and world leader in 3D software, has been recognized as one of Forbes’ "The World’s Most Innovative Companies". Bernard Charlès holds the rank of Knight (2005) and Officer (2012) in the “Légion d’Honneur” (French Legion of Honor) and is a member of the French Academy of Technology. He is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure engineering school in Cachan and has a PhD in mechanical engineering majoring in automation engineering and information science. He also holds an agrégation — the most senior teaching qualification achievable in France (specializing in mechanical engineering).

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