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Centre staff and students regularly conduct research for industry reports and publish peer-reviewed papers relevant to the construction industry.




Jansen van Vuuren, T, Middleton, C (2020) Methodology for quantifying the benefits of offsite construction, C792, CIRIA, London, UK (ISBN: 978-0-86017-897-2)

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The guidance report entitled 'Methodology for quantifying the benefits of offsite construction' is the result of a CIRIA research project carried out by academics Prof. Cam Middleton and Tercia Jansen Van Vuuren at the Laing O’Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology, University of Cambridge, alongside a steering group representing 27 companies and organisations.

Offsite construction offers the potential to deliver a number of benefits, including better quality construction, improved health and safety, a faster construction programme, and predictability of cost and time on any given project. Despite this, the uptake of offsite construction is slow as there is no industry method for assessing the benefits of offsite techniques.

This new CIRIA guide proposes a framework for comparing construction approaches, making it possible to keep consistent records across projects and identify all the possible benefits available. This guide also highlights the challenges that can be expected when assessing the performance of construction projects and developing robust benchmarks for comparison. It provides a framework for evaluating project performance that can be used by clients, construction management teams and designers to assess the value and benefits achieved on projects. The guidance is set to support decision-making and facilitate wider industry collaboration across different sectors in the construction industry.



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