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Laing O'Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology



Sam is a geotechnical engineer by specialisation and previous research has resulted in – to name a few – methods for predicting the “punch-through” or “crème brûlée” failure of jack-up rigs, new tools for subsea pipeline soil interaction assessment, numerical techniques for measuring displacements in images, and a simple model that explains why sand castles stand up!

Current research interests revolve around the “whole-life” modelling of soil and geostructure response, acknowledging that soil strength and stiffness due to loading, which can have significant effects on the performance of infrastructure. This work is developing new constitutive models for soft soils with non-local regularisation, methods to calibrate constitutive parameters using digital imaging techniques and simple design methods that account for the evolution of soil properties with time.

University Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Dr Sam Stanier

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