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Laing O'Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology



Katrin is a research associate and Ph.D. Student in Engineering at the Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation, Technical University of Munich, Germany. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's Degree in Computer Science in Civil Engineering from Bauhaus Universität Weimar in Germany, where she was awarded scholarships for outstanding and committed students. Katrin's research focusses on automated construction site planning, including knowledge retrieval with methods of computer vision and deep learning, knowledge representation, and optimization. Katrin is supervised by Prof. André Borrmann.

Construction site planning is not only based on explicit knowledge as retrieved from regulations, but also on implicit knowledge, arising from planners' experience. It is often difficult for planners to formulate this knowledge. Recent research from her group has explored the use of aerial photos, point-clouds generated from those photos and geospatial data queried from OpenStreetMap, to find, analyse and topologically assess construction sites to gather knowledge on how construction work is conducted. Two convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been trained to detect construction sites and tower cranes, respectively, and additional information on the sourroundings of the site are gathered by querying the construction's location on OpenStreetMap. To formalize the retrieved information, a graph with weighted edges will be created for each construction site. Comparing all graphs, specific regions with high probabilities for specific assignments can be identified, allowing for prediction of interesting regions and heat map generation. 


Visiting Researcher
(2019 - 2019)
Katrin Jahr