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About the course

The Construction Engineering Masters (CEM) programme is a Masters of Studies (MSt) course offered by the Department of Engineering in association with the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. We aim to transform the construction industry by teaching current and future industry leaders to think differently.


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This is a two-year part-time degree targeted at those who have several years' professional experience and have already attained a leadership role or been identified as potential leaders in their field.  The course will enhance students' technical knowledge and managerial skills with the expectation that they will return to their respective companies trained as merchants of change ready to redefine the way in which the infrastructure of society is created.  The part-time format of the course permits students to continue with their professional career while studying.

Students are exposed to the latest research in management, construction technologies and processes.  The programme encompasses the full spectrum of the construction industry, from the high level financing requirements of mega-projects through to the latest innovation in analysis, design and materials technology. 

Contributing lecturers have included the UK's current and former Chief Construction Advisors to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Transport; the Chair of the UK Government BIM Implementation Group, the Technical Director of High Speed 2, the Head of the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation, CEOs and senior directors of many major client, contractor and consulting organisations, leading journalists and the Director of Construction for the London 2012 Olympics, to name but a few.


Course Themes

The course focuses on the following themes:

  • The built environment
  • Design for value
  • Research and innovation
  • Advanced construction technology and materials
  • Advanced construction management
  • Finance, planning and procurement
  • The future of construction: creating and communicating thought leadership

Sustainability, leadership, innovation, whole life performance and whole systems thinking are interwoven throughout the course.  The course is continually evolving in order to stay current and meet the needs of participants.

2019 - 2021 Prospectus: