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Laing O'Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology

Construction Engineering Masters - Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the CEM programme will be equipped with the technical, leadership and managerial skills they need to play a transformative role in the construction sector.

The key learning objectives are to:

  • Understand the main factors governing national policies in construction.
  • Learn how the construction industry must and will change to accommodate the legally binding targets for sustainability and CO2 reduction.
  • Identify technological advances that will enhance the construction process.
  • Understand the range of financial instruments and constraints on managing large-scale construction projects.
  • Gain a broad knowledge of the construction sector.
  • Gain an insight into good research practice and ethics.
  • Understand business practice and tools in the areas of technology management, technology transfer and exploitation.

Intellectual skills:

  • Application of generic skills in modelling, simulating and experimentally evaluating construction projects.
  • Critical evaluation of technical problems.
  • Holistic thinking in solving problems to manage technological, environmental, ethical, economic and public policy considerations.
  • Ability to act as a change agent within an organisation, manage change effectively and respond to changing demands.
  • Ability to solve complex research issues.
  • Understanding of commercial exploitation routes for construction-based technologies and evaluation of options for technology transfer and/or implementation.
  • Plan, conduct and evaluate an original and individual research dissertation.

Transferable Skills:

  • Preparing formal reports in a range of styles.
  • Creative thinking, critical reasoning and exercising independent thought.
  • Managing time and deadlines.
  • Effective independent and group work.
  • Communication and collaboration.

MSt in Construction Engineering

The CEM 2022 Prospectus will be available online from October 2021




Jan Wojtecki
Centre Manager and Interim CEM Course Manager


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