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Catherine started her career studying in Cambridge before working in the record business and then winning a scholarship to Manchester Business School. After her MBA, she spent over 20 years working in consulting and education. For most of this period, she worked at McKinsey & Company where she was a leader of the global Organisation Practice and later a Director of the Strategy & Trend Analysis Centre. From 2010 to 2012, Catherine led McKinsey’s research and analytics function in Europe, managing a staff of 200 researchers.

In 2015, Catherine returned to Cambridge, working first at the Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and then the Institute for Manufacturing, where she has been researching the ways companies consider social and environmental impacts in their decision-making.

Catherine is interested in the ways in which companies respond to the social and environmental needs of the communities in which they operate. Her research is on the way in which businesses bring social and environmental considerations into their decision-making. She is particularly interested in the ways in which people resolve problems of competing commitments in their working lives.

She researches using qualitative or mixed methods, and has a focus on strategic and organisational issues often prompted by social change. She has previously supervised MPhil students working on the problems of deciding to adopt new automation technologies, and on the ways organisations share specialist knowledge about sustainability.

Lecturer in Business Ethics & Sustainability
King’s College London
Catherine Tilley

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