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Student Feedback

Our CEM programme, which started with the first cohort of students in 2011-2013, has been a great success with candidates, industry figures and speakers. We have received glowing feedback from our students.

Rico 200.jpg

"The programme broadened my perspective on construction engineering and the industry in general. Effective application of what I have learnt from the CEM programme creates a more actionable outcome and enhances the project capacity to achieve a more predictable, more sustainable and safer work environment."

Rico Salas, CEM student 2013-2015


Angela Beckwith 200.jpg

"The opportunity to discuss progress and innovations within the industry with such a range of different companies, from small independent firms to multinationals and Government bodies, has enabled me to increase the breadth of my knowledge and opened up opportunities to become involved myself." 

Angela Beckwith, CEM student 2012-2014



john h 200.jpg

"The course opened new sources of thinking from all aspects of industry, which were not limited to the construction sector. This has enabled me to take a more holistic view in the decision-making process."

John Hannah, CEM student 2011-2013



In the press

One of our 2013-2015 CEM students, James O'Brien, explains the importance of continuous learning and industry networking in a Telegraph article entitled Balancing a Career and a Degree. Click here to read it.

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