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Course Structure

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Our students spend seven residential weeks in Cambridge over two years and complete a number of written, examined assignments. Each residential week is focused on a specific theme, supported by an ongoing programme of communication, leadership and research skills development. The residential weeks involve lectures, seminars, workshops and panels delivered by academic, industry-based and public sector experts. Class discussion is a key feature of the sessions, where learning comes not just through the lecture material but through the shared experience and reflections amongst the cohort. Networking within and between cohorts is also a key benefit and outcome of the residential weeks, both through the formal programme and through social activities.

One to one supervision is provided for every assignment and for the dissertation. We seek to provide students with a supervisor who has relevant core expertise to support the proposed research.

There are many opportunities for students to develop communication skills – both through the written and spoken word:

  • Written assignments form the core focus of assessment. There are three assignments in the first year and a dissertation in the third year. There are no exams.
  • An annual dissertation conference provides the opportunity for students to present their work to peers, academics and industry representatives.
  • The programme hosts an annual, formal debate involving both cohorts in residence.
  • Students partake in a viva on their dissertation research which forms a key part of the overall assessment of the course. 

2019 - 2021 Prospectus: