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Aims and Outcomes

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Overall Aims

The course is designed to be unique, rather than just an excellent version of what is already available elsewhere in construction management courses.  It explores the future of construction, seeking new paradigms and innovative models for delivery, drawing on the latest research in management, construction technologies and processes. 

We aim to deliver a course that will encompass the full spectrum of the construction industry and cover topics from the high level financing requirements of PFI and PPP type mega-projects through to the latest innovations in analysis, design and materials technology.  Existing widely held assumptions will be challenged with the aim of revolutionising construction and the public perception of it. 

The programme is multidisciplinary, embracing key concepts taken from the full spectrum of an industry that encompasses a broad range of sectors.  Private and commercial buildings, transport, energy, maritime and offshore, water and waste, digital communications - each area produces its own unique challenges, yet core methods and practices apply to all.


Course Outcomes

This programme is multidisciplinary, aiming to cover the full range of construction activities, comprising buildings, major civil works, transport, infrastructure, energy (including nuclear), water, etc.

The fundamental goal is to educate up-and-coming leaders in the industry so that they can take the latest technical and managerial skills back to the workplace to improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability of the construction sector whilst promoting innovation and new technologies through research themes linked via the core academic team to the overall programme.